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ORIGIN PLOT Token Sales Dates:  Nov-Dec 2021

If you purchased a PLOT Token in November or December of 2021, you are considered an ORIGIN PLOT owner. ORIGIN PLOT owners were given a free NFT to lock in their location on the map but were also allowed to keep their PLOT Token for governance of land development in the ACTIONverse.  Anyone that purchased one of the first 500 PLOT in 2021 and still holds their NFT and token in the same wallet, will receive ORIGIN Rewards.  ORIGIN Rewards are paid out in our native currency, Action Token - $ACTION.

There is a 2nd condition which will allow a player to unlock and collect ORIGIN REWARDS.

A.  Purchased a PLOT Token from secondary market after December 2021 - You will trade your PLOT Token for the PLOT NFT to secure your location on the map.  If you wish to receive ORIGIN Rewards, you must purchase an additional PLOT Token and hold it in the same wallet as the ORIGIN PLOT NFT.

B.  Purchased a PLOT NFT after December 2021 - You must purchase a PLOT Token from the secondary market and hold it in the same wallet as the PLOT NFT.  When you purchase from the secondary market, you are buying an ORIGIN PLOT Token directly from another user.

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