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A PLOT is a piece of digital real estate in the Actionverse that players can buy and build on. 

Each PLOT can be purchased on the Stellar blockchain as PLOT TOKEN or a PLOT NFT. 

The PLOT TOKEN can be used as currency to purchase a PLOT NFT. 

With this token you can browse the available list of PLOT NFTs and choose your desired location, swapping PLOT TOKEN for PLOT NFT. 

The alternative is that you browse the available PLOT NFTs and purchase one directly with XLM or ACTION.

Once you own a PLOT, you will be able to populate it with images, videos, or links to your creative projects. 

This can also be considered digital ad space. Think of it like owning the plot of land next to a baseball stadium or Trump Tower for example. 

Other players will be able to rent billboard space on your PLOT by staking their tokens on your PLOT, earning you rewards.   

As you develop your plot you'll be able to sell it, or split it into 16 sPLOTs (sub plots) and sell portions of it, to other players in the Action Marketplace.

Do you own a PLOT TOKEN?  Choose your PLOT now.

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