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We are extremely proud to present, the SEND A MEAL program, an Action Initiative.  At Action Tokens we are about action and doing what we can to make the community around us a better place.  With that said, we'd like to introduce, MEAL TOKEN.  You can send a MEAL in the metaverse or in the physical world.  We have a goal to give away 10,000 free meals!  Each MEAL token you send to a friend can be immediately traded for other crypto or FIAT.  The goal is to share MEALs with anyone and everyone that needs them, including sending hundreds of free MEAL to organizations around the world that need them.  Join in now.  More details about our initiative coming soon.

Token:  MEAL

Stellar Home Domain:

Supply:  1M - Unlocked.  Once we determine the final tokenomics for MEAL, the token will be locked.  The community will vote upon the final tokenomics.

Cost:  1 MEAL TOKEN = 15 XLM (Approx. $5.50 USD)

We will be giving away 10 FREE MEALs for every 100 MEAL sold.  We will start by sending a free MEAL to 50 random wallets that add the trustline.

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